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2021-02-11 Article

Bvlgari Allegra

Verescence manufactures precious gems-like bottles for BVLGARI ALLEGRA

The prestigious Italian house of Bvlgari called on Verescence’s know-how, world leader in the manufacture and decoration of high-end glass bottles, to produce the bottles and the cap for its new High Perfumery collection: BVLGARI ALLEGRA. 

Launched in early February, the collection features five Eau de Parfums as tributes to Rome – Rock’N’Rome, Fiori d’Amore, Dolce Estasi, Riva Solare, Fantasia Veneta, and five Magnifying essences – Bergamotte, Rose, Patchouli, Vanille, Musk, to personalize and enhance each fragrance.


Echoing Bvlgari’s heritage as a jeweler, the bottles are designed as true pieces of Fine Jewelry, combining a bold design and sumptuous colors. To produce the bottles, the Verescence Group relied on the synergy of know-how in glass and decoration of its three French production sites: Verescence Mers-les-Bains, Verescence Somme and Verescence Orne.


With a glass cap, the 50ml and 100ml bottles embody the art of glass-making dear to Bvlgari. Inspired by a Roman amphora, the bottle stands out with its rounded lines reminiscent of the smooth surface of Bvlgari’s iconic ‘cabochon’ gemstone cut, while the faceted cap and base nod to Roman columns. It required all the glass-making know-how of the Mers-les-Bains site to combine depth of the punt, sharpness of the engravings and beautiful distribution of glass. The design is sublimated by the quality of Verescence Extra-Flint glass, recognized for its transparency and brilliance. 

Samuel Joachim, Director of Innovation at Verescence Group, commented:

This is the result of a successful collaboration between Bvlgari and Verescence teams to achieve such a result. We are particularly proud of the bottle and cap designed and produced in a single operation, without cutting or polishing step, a sign of genuine technical prowess.

For the decoration, several cutting-edge processes have been combined. The chromatic combinations were made at Verescence Somme by a lacquering process using a stencil. Hot stamping was applied on a spherical surface to write the brand and perfume names. The glass cap required two very complex gluing operations carried out thanks to the expertise of Verescence Orne: a plastic insert and a metal plate on lacquered glass. It has been designed to be fully recyclable, the different components can dissociate during recycling.


The 40ml bottle contains precious, highly concentrated ingredients. To stand out, it is adorned with an opaque glossy white lacquer, with a porcelain effect, and its body is facetted. The name of the brand and the essences are written in gold hot stamping on the base of the bottle.