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2021-03-10 Article

Cara Mini

Verescence launches its new mini-formats bottles

Discover CARA MINI, the new mini-format bottles from La Collection Verescence for Perfume, Skincare and Makeup. With refined lines and elegant proportions, the new CARA MINI bottle asserts its timeless design and selective character. Its flat panel sides offer an optimal decoration area for printing and accessorization.

Available in 7.5 ml and 10 ml, CARA MINI comes with several neck finishes compatible with the various standard pumps on the market: crimp neck (FEA 15), roll-on (10mm rollerball), makeup (special applicator for eyes, lips and face) and screw neck finish (GPI 15 400) allowing the user to unscrew the pump to refill the bottle and separate the pump from the bottle during recycling.

CARA MINI offers many possibilities of creation: Perfume Travel (spray, roll-on), Mini Size Beauty (oil, setting spray) and Premium Makeup (concealer, gloss, cream eyeshadow).

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