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2023-03-27 Article

Verescence Introduces Glass Score – A New Tool for Evaluating Weight Reduction in Glass Packaging

Verescence, the global leader in luxury glass packaging for the perfume and cosmetics industry, has announced the launch of Glass Score, a tool helping to lighten and therefore reduce the environmental impact of glass bottles from the design and conception phases.

Verescence Glass Score

With Glass Score, Verescence offers its customers the ability to evaluate the level of weight reduction of their products, without the influence of the container size.

The rating system assigns a score ranging from A+ (the most lightweight) to F for each bottle, enabling brands to compare their products on a universal scale and develop new glass weight-reduction projects.

The average score of perfume and cosmetic bottles on the market is between B and C, and Verescence’s goal is to guide its customers towards a more virtuous Glass Score rating by proposing realistic weight reduction objectives that respect the initial design of the project.

Samuel Joachim, Director of Innovation and Development at Verescence, commented:

Glass Score is a simple and effective tool that allows us to understand the level of weight reduction of a glass bottle or jar, propose weight reduction solutions and help our customers make informed choices in eco-design. This initiative has already generated great interest from our main customers.

The launch of Glass Score is part of Verescence's "Glass As a Service" program, which aims to offer a complete range of eco-design services to its customers since 2017, including Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) , recyclability study and 3D modelling.