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2023-10-09 Event

Formes de Luxe Awards 2023

Verescence Wins Prestigious Formes de Luxe Award for Guerlain's Innovative Double R Serum

Verescence has won the prestigious Formes de Luxe Award in the "Fragrance & Cosmetics Bottle" category for the creation of Guerlain's new Advanced Double R Renew & Repair serum.

Verescence wins Formes de Luxe Awards 2023


The major technical challenge for Verescence was to design a double glass bottle with ultra-thin glass thickness, while guaranteeing mechanical resistance.

The precision required for this bottle was four times greater than for a conventional item, as the two glass bottles had to fit together perfectly.

To take eco-design a step further, the double serum bottle is made from a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled glass (Infinite Glass® 20), reducing the use of virgin raw materials and CO2 emissions during production.

The awards ceremony took place on October 2 during the Luxe Pack Monaco trade show. Jean-Luc Leblond, Sales and Marketing Director at Verescence, and Thibault Trefeil, Packaging Development Manager for Skincare at Guerlain, went on stage to receive this prestigious distinction.

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Double R Renew and Repair Serum Guerlain wins Formes de Luxe Awards 2023