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2021-04-15 Article

French Ministerial visit to La Granja

The minister-counselor at the french embassy in spain visits verescence la granja

On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, we had the honor of welcoming the Minister-Counselor at the French Ambassy in Spain, Gautier Lekens, at our glass and decoration plant in La Granja de San Ildefonso.

Founded in 1760, our Spanish subsidiary is home to over 450 employees and has one specificity in addition to luxury glass bottles, the manufacturing of glass insulators for high-voltage power lines with Verescence La Granja Insulators.

The visit was an opportunity for Verescence to highlight its commitment to industrial excellence, innovation and sustainable development.

The Minister-Conselor Gautier Lekens commented:

Today I visited the site of Verescence La Granja, a subsidiary of a French company, international leader in glass bottles manufacturing for perfumes, cosmetics and insulators. Thank you to General Manager Spain Bruno Portellano for the warm welcome and the fascinating visit. France is present to support and assist its companies in their international development.

Gautier Lekens visite Verescence La Granja

Gautier Lekens visite La Granja

Gautier Lekens visite La Granja

Gautier Lekens visite La Granja