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As an industrial company, the health and safety of the Verescence teams is our top priority. Our ambition is to strive for zero accidents and zero occupational illnesses.

This is reflected in our action plans with quantified objectives, set out at all of our plants. This explains why we took the important decision in 2019 to end the use of solvent-based coatings at all our sites to protect the women and men of Verescence from exposure to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). A decision that involved guiding some of our customers towards eco-designed alternatives.


investments to improve working conditions in 2019>


TF1 for the group in 2019>

ISO 45001

certification for all of our sites


Already OHSAS 18001 certified (a benchmark in terms of occupational health and safety management), all our sites have been audited to advance and obtain the new ISO 45001 certification, notably strengthening the role of all managers in risk analysis and the effectiveness of organization surrounding these subjects. Thanks to benchmarking, a common practice between our sites, the momentum for improvement is accelerating throughout the Group.

Since 2018, all our employees have had social welfare aligned with the best standards of their country of residence. We are also persevering in our preventive initiatives to combat MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders): frequent rotation on repetitive workstations, warm-up program before starting work, and the
expertise of an ergonomist at each of our plants. In addition, we continue to make numerous investments in automation for repetitive manual tasks.


As a sign of our commitment to safety, the lost-time accident frequency rate (TF1) stood at 2.85 in 2019, stabilizing compared to 2018. This score nevertheless remains much lower than the French frequency rate (13.9 for the hollow glass manufacturing industry) published by the French National Health Insurance Fund. Three of our sites recorded zero accidents in 2019.

At Verescence Orne, we are experimenting over the course of 2020 with a specific support program, called MYTECTION. The challenge: to shift from compliance with safety instructions to full buy-in, offering a guarantee of greater efficiency. By the end of 2020, 100% of our production lines in Europe will be equipped with a new technology for lubricating our molds, which improves the safety of this essential step in our glassmaking profession.

A significant portion of the bonus for our managers is indexed to safety- based performance objectives to be achieved.



10 years ago, Verescence launchedWorld Safety Day. Since 2017, this day has become a CSR day.

An event rich in meaning

As part of this day, we adapt the production in our plants so that 100% of our employees can be informed and trained on our CSR strategy, our safety standards and best environmental practices.

Raising awareness among all employees

Stands are organized with the active participation of our teams and stakeholders, to get people involved and encourage commitment. In 2019 we ran evacuation exercises, conferences on recycling and its implementation at our sites, and actions to raise awareness of water and energy consumption, etc.