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Innovation et Éco-conceptionInnovation and eco-design

Developing eco solutions represents an opportunity to re-invent our business, to breathe new energy into it and to chart a sustainable path for all our know-how.

In line with “Glassification," which is now a tangible trend, Verescence is taking its R&D one step further: its 3R philosophy is expanding to become 4R&D. Always with the firm intention of remaining a pioneer in eco-designed offerings, and in all high-end beauty segments (perfume, skincare and make-up). Verescence also has a range of bathroom products, with the recent launch of a new reinforced glass.

Re-duce/-use/-cycle/-place... Disrupt: from the 3Rs to the 4R&D

Not believing in a single eco-design solution, we provide multiple eco-responsible offerings that can be combined. For example, refillable (re-use) and lighter (re-duce) jars with eco-designed decoration, or bottles with a screw neck that are particularly conducive to reuse. And we can, of course, combine lightweight and recycled glass with Verre Infini® 40, as in the case of the jar for Guerlain's new Abeille Royale skincare product, the production of which now involves reduced water consumption (-42%) and CO2 emissions (-44%).

To go further in reuse, in 2017 we patented a refillable container solution with glass refills. Another of our patents lies within the "disruptive" segment of our innovation: Verescence has developed a series of treatments to strengthen glass. Today, with our 4R&D concept, we are adding a fourth R to the 3Rs. The R for Replace, which responds to Glassification (the advantage of glass over plastic, for example, for Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair range and Dior's Capture Totale) and the D for Disrupt to signify our research into innovative forms and applications. For example, the “sculpted” effect in 2019 embodied with the “Illuminare” bottle by Vince Camuto (Parlux Group), inspired by Murano, manufactured at our Covington site in the United States.


bottles produced made of Verre Infini® 40 in 2019


tons of recycled glass sold worldwide in 2019


commercial offers accompanied by a life cycle analysis


In 2019, Verescence was more than ever called upon to act as an opinion leader on eco-design, alongside its customers, at conferences and at individual presentations:

  • Conference at the PCD Paris exhibition 2019 with Bvlgari: “Verescence’s eco-design solutions for luxury bottles case study: Bvlgari Man Wood Essence in Verre Infini® 40”.
  • Round table at the Fragrance Innovation Summit 2019 on the theme of: Recycling, upcycling, zero waste, circular economy and packaging meeting the environmental challenge.
  • Conference at PCD 2020 on safety glass to replace plastic solutions in the hygiene segments.


A tool for measuring ecological impact: LCA

There is no progress without measurement, which is why we have developed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software for our products in partnership with Evea Conseil, starting in 2017. In 2019, we went even further by classifying the impact of our decorations on the recyclability of glass. In this way, we are helping to change our industry’s practices. Our finishing sites are integrated, which allows us to focus our eco-innovation efforts on this stage as well, since a suitable decoration facilitates the recycling of glass bottles.

LCA tool Verescence