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2020-10-05 Article

Nuxe Bio Range

NUXE chooses Verre Infini® NEO for the new Nuxe Bio range

In May 2020, NUXE launched its new range Nuxe Bio, certified ORGANIC and vegan skincare products, concentrating all the benefits of nature thanks to active ingredients at the cutting edge of green-tech. NUXE's commitment to the environment is reflected at every stage of the design of its care products, from eco-designed formulas to packaging that incorporates recycled materials wherever possible.

The French brand has thus given maximum priority to glass, an aesthetic, clean and infinitely recyclable material. To take the eco-design approach one step further, NUXE has chosen to make the 50ml jar out of Verre Infini® NEO, a glass composition incorporating 25% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) glass.

A life cycle analysis study has shown that the use of cullet from recycling reduces the carbon footprint of the 50ml jar by 30% compared to the production of a conventional glass jar (around 243 tons less CO2 emissions), which is equivalent to 71 round-the-world trips by car or 243 return Paris/New York flights for one passenger.