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Compétences et carrièresSKILLS AND CAREERS

At the heart of the priorities of our strategic plan Verescence 2022 is employee fulfillment and the development of their talents through training, internal and international mobility.



Created in 2019 to bring together all of our educational initiatives, Verescence Academy oversees all of our training programs worldwide.

Having a management with modern and harmonized methods is an essential element of our company's performance. Which is why a training session with key global managers was run in 2019 and 2020. In other words, more than 10% of the workforce by 2020. Sharing values is good – provided behaviors follow suit. In order to work better together, to move from values to behaviors, training and simulation exercises have been undertaken for the different levels of management. For example, knowing how to reframe or provide good feedback, knowing how to enforce a standard: these are management basics that are nevertheless crucial.

Verescence Academy also structures our professional training and skills acquisition programs related to our business (glass and decoration). The development of e-learning modules allows us to reach a larger number of people and to validate skills more easily. Training courses for internal auditors, for people from different sites and different departments, have been carried out to support our desire to improve our standards and develop the process of continuous improvement

Finally, a training plan that will affect 200 people has been drawn up to train White/Yellow/Green/Black Lean specialists and will be rolled out from 2020 to 2022 as part of the Verescence Sustainable Performance System.


hours of training at the Glass and Finishing School in 2019


staff transfers between countries and 17 internal promotions in 2019


of employees trained in 2019


Internal and international mobility remains a constant concern at Verescence to support our strategy. For example, our desire to expand in the United States was accompanied in 2019 by the appointment of a new General Manager who was previously in charge of the Spain region.

Other promotions and internal mobilities during this period have enriched the US teams with Verescence experts from different backgrounds. The Verescence North America Board of Directors is now composed of 5 nationalities. Two young French engineers from the technical department spent several months at our Covington site as part of the furnace reconstruction. Several VIEs (International Volunteers in Business) also have the opportunity each year to discover one of Verescence's sites abroad.