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2024-01-31 Article

Verescence, Albéa and Sulapac cooperate on refillable glass jar with biobased lid

Albéa Cosmetics & Fragrance refillable TWIRL jar, is now available with a lid made of biobased and recyclable Sulapac® and Verescence’s glass base. The refillable jar provides a reduced carbon footprint while securing excellent functionality and aesthetics.

twirl refillable glass jar

The Helsinki-based material innovation company Sulapac and the French packaging experts Albéa and Verescence join forces to offer beauty brands around the world a fast track to uniquely sustainable luxury packaging, in which 120 years of glass expertise, groundbreaking material innovation, and extensive industry experience unite.

The first launch of the collaboration is TWIRL, a 50 ml refillable glass jar with a lid made of biobased and recyclable Sulapac material, that has a low carbon footprint. Sulapac materials leave no permanent microplastics or toxic substances behind at any stage of the product lifecycle making them a safe choice for people and the planet.

Colin Strobant, Sales Director at Sulapac, says:

The TWIRL glass jar with a Sulapac lid is the accessible choice for beauty brands aspiring to integrate cutting-edge sustainability with a luxurious touch.

The readily available Twirl jar is eco-responsible, yet aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. It answers to the trend of refillable packaging, which has been steadily growing in the skincare market in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular among environmentally conscious consumers. Replacing conventional plastic in the lid with sustainable Sulapac takes the environmental credentials of the packaging even a step further.

Aline Roland, Marketing Director at Albéa Cosmetics & Fragrance, explains:

We are always looking for new materials for our products that tick both the reduction and the recyclability boxes. The Sulapac lid is an interesting option for brands for two main reasons: it provides a premium look in combination with glass, and it does not interfere with the glass recycling stream at the product’s end-of-life. The synergy of the three materials, PP plastic, glass, and Sulapac makes TWIRL a perfect example of a more sustainable packaging.

The glass base of the jar, produced by the world’s leading glass manufacturer Verescence, incorporates 20% post-consumer recycled glass while meeting luxury brands’ aesthetic demands.

Bérangère Raguenet, Marketing & Communication Director at Verescence, says:

The Twirl jar is available in our standard collection and is customizable with many decoration techniques such as lacquering, pad printing, and silk-screening. This new biobased lid offers an additional eco-responsible and one-of-a-kind alternative for brands.

Strobant reveals:

The Twirl jar is a much-welcomed, first-of-its-kind addition to the ready-made Sulapac packaging applications in the market. In fact, a glass jar with a Sulapac lid is among our most frequent customer inquiries.

Ulé by Shiseido and Chanel, with its N°1 de CHANEL beauty range and LES EAUX DE CHANEL perfume line, have been the forerunners in combining Sulapac material and glass in their product packaging.

Strobant reckons:

Although these iconic brands have their fully customized solutions, they are still likely to act as a great inspiration.




About Albéa Cosmetics & Fragrance

Albéa Cosmetics & Fragrance invents and makes the desirable, responsible rigid packs you use every day. We provide mascaras and lipsticks packs, compacts, skincare jars and bottles, fragrance caps – designed in-house or custom-made for our customers. We are committed to making all our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, and more broadly to social and environmental responsibility. We proudly serve dynamic and prestigious brands, both legacy and indie, across the world. Our industrial footprint supports our customers’ global sourcing, regional reshoring and local manufacturing strategies. We stand for experience, technical expertise, reliability, and passion.

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About Sulapac

Sulapac Ltd is an award-winning material innovation company bringing solutions to the global plastic crisis. By replacing conventional plastic with sustainable, beautiful, and functional Sulapac materials, companies can reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate microplastic pollution, and advance the circular economy. The Helsinki-based company was founded by three scientists in 2016 and serves customers across various industries on three continents. Investors behind Sulapac®, the patented material innovation, include CHANEL and Sky Ocean Ventures.

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About Verescence

Verescence is the global leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the Perfumery and Cosmetics industry and has a production capacity of 600 million bottles per year. Verescence supplies its customers with glass through high-quality, environmentally friendly and innovative solutions. The company has over 120 years of glass expertise and a unique geographical footprint (4 glass production sites and 5 finishing sites in France, Spain, the United States and South Korea), making it the partner of choice for the world’s largest beauty market players.

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