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2023-02-13 Innovation

Verescence Unveils Innovative Lightweight Glass Bottles MOON and GEM

Verescence, the global leader in glass packaging for the perfumery and cosmetics industries, unveiled its latest creations at PCD Paris 2023 - the MOON and GEM bottles, two lightweight glass bottles with complex shapes.

Developed in collaboration with renowned designer De Baschmakoff, MOON and GEM showcase Verescence's technical expertise in creating lightweight glass bottles with complex shapes, both perfect combination of luxury and sustainability.

MOON lightweight glass bottle

The MOON bottle weighs 106 g for 100 ml. This one-of-a-kind organic shape features an off-center neck while preserving perfect symmetry of the bottle's faces, offering a comfortable grip at the same time.

GEM lightweight glass bottle

The GEM bottle weighs 97 g for 100 ml. It has a striking, geometrical design with sharp angles and a broad octagonal facing, making it look like a precious gem.

The bottles are refillable (SNI 15 screw neck) to optimize their impact on the environment.

With the aim of offering its customers a 100% eco-designed concept, the bottles are personalized with a spherical mono-material LegnaPin cap made by premium wood component maker Minelli Spa (mPackting).